Sunday, August 3, 2008

Database Lookups and Data Aquarium Framework Updates

The latest updates of code generator projects include standard project Database Lookups for ASP.NET and AJAX 3.5 and premium project Data Aquarium Framework.

Database Lookups project has been changed to make SelectedValue property a default property of the control. Java script components were updated to eliminate the problem with the loss of focus in a web form when a data lookup window has been closed. DataViewLookup control will now work without script errors when included in the content template of UpdatePanel control.

Data Aquarium Framework has been updated to include the same fixes described above. Addition components are now generated to make integration of the framework with existing ASP.NET applications a snap. Component ControllerDataSource has been introduced to tap into the power of Data Aquarium Framework to generate dynamic SQL statements on the fly. Now you can connect your existing data views, including GridView, DetailView, and FormView, to this data source control and gain instant ability to page and sort through thousands of records, and provide sophisticated filtering capabilities to end users. Use any commercial web control library that supports standard data binding with Data Aquarium Framework. New control DataViewTextBox is based on the standard TextBox and provides no-code database auto complete for your web forms.

See a demo application that showcases the latest features at

Download the source code of the sample page here.

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