Monday, November 3, 2008

BLOB, Export to Spreadsheet, and Context-Sensitive Lookups

The new release of Data Aquarium Framework includes the following features:

Try out BLOB support and Export to Spreadsheet in a live application at

Let us know what you think.


Lloyd Merithew said...

If you use

Select Beverages under Ca-Em tab

On the Child Tab "Products"
Action: Export to Spreadsheet

You will get 82 rows instead of the 12 rows of the view.

If you set a sort order on column "Product Name" and use the Action: Export to Spreadsheet

Now you will get the correct 12 rows in Excel.

This only seems to occur in the Child of a Master-Child view.

How can this be avoided?

Code OnTime LLC said...


The issues has been resolved with the latest update to Data Aquarium Framework.

You can find more about Code OnTime Generator, Data Aquarium Framework, and other great products here.

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