Monday, December 21, 2009

Date, Time, and DateTimeOffset Data Types

The latest update of the premium projects includes an improved handling of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 data types date, time, and datetimeoffset in generated code and Code OnTime Designer.

Adaptive filtering now works correctly with time and datetimeoffset. Filtering of datetimeoffset fields has been improved to automatically perform range filtering by including in the filtered results any matching dates in a range –14 hours to + 14 hours from the selected date.

Styling of tabs in  Web Site Factory applications has been slightly improved to make them “seem” large even though only 1 pixel of height has been added to tabs. You can see the current styling at

Coming Soon

The upcoming updates will include support for HtmlEncode attribute on fields to allow display of HTML markup stored in the database in the client-side views. The encoding occurs by default. It will be possible to turn it off.

We will be providing additional themes for Web Site Factory applications. The themes will be available to Code OnTime Designer subscribers only.

We are working on support for actions sets. An action set is a collection of action groups that you normally find in data controllers. It will be possible to develop custom action sets and link them to data controllers. This will make data controllers much smaller and will make it easier to maintain large projects.

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