Sunday, July 4, 2010

Building ASP.NET+AJAX Appointment Manager

Suppose that you need to create an appointment manager for your business. You have a receptionist in the front office and salesmen ready to service customers. Whenever a customer comes in requesting a consultation, the receptionist will make an appointment in the Appointment Manager. The next automatically assigned salesman will be rotated by the application. If a customer requests a specific salesman, then that appointment will not affect the rotation process.

When a new appointment is created, the salesman that performed the smallest number of appointments will be assigned. The rotation process will ensure fair distribution of appointments.

We will show you how to create an ASP.NET+AJAX Appointment Manager web application generated with Code OnTime and enhanced in Visual Web Developer.

Download the step-by-step guide (1029 KB)


Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting:

Why does setting default value in ClientName behave like showe in print screen below?

Customer Service said...

The new update of code generation library allows using multiple business rules methods with RowBuilder attribute.

Previously an automatically generated business rule supporting the code default has been overriden by the method described in the article.

If you implement the same code as described at then everything should work as expected.

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