Monday, December 27, 2010

Web App Factory, Multiple Value Filters, …

The latest release of Code On Time generator introduces several bug fixes and new major features.

  • Advanced Filters and Search Bar options have been enhanced to allow adaptive filtering with multiple values. The screenshot below shows the new “include” search bar option that allows selecting multiple values to filter a column.

    Multiple value filter can be activated from the context menu of the column header. The context menu with the highlighted filter option is shown in the picture.
  • Web App Factory project now supports ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET 3.5. Projects of this type are generated as a Visual Studio solution with the core application and data controllers placed in a separate class library and application pages hosted in a separate Web Application project. A bare-bones Sandbox project is also included to provide a starting point for developers looking to integrate the core application in their own projects.

The new release will produce applications with EnableCdn property of the ScriptManager set to “False” by default to prevent errors during development without Internet connection.

Rich Editor is now provided with a dedicated host page that prevents a runtime error in Windows 2008 deployments.

Web App Factory provides additional entries that will ensure application operating without errors in Windows 2008 instances of IIS 7 with the new pipeline mode.

Business Objects now support an  advanced version of Select and SelectSingle methods that will allow to use filter expressions to be executed against the database.

Coming Soon

The next release of the code generator will include new Chart and Pivot views. Stay tuned.

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