Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ASP.NET 3.5 Membership, SQL Anywhere, DataViewLookup

The following features and bug fixes are included in this release of Code On Time web application generator:

  • Enhancements to Tab and Enter key handling in Data Sheet view when the focus is in the last column. Pressing either one of these keys in edit mode will post the record and advance to the next row. If the row is in “new” mode then the keys will post the new row and start another new row.
  • Support for Sybase SQL Anywhere is now incorporated in the web application generator. Try the link even if you are not developing with SQL Anywhere. The post showcases several cool features of web applications created with Code On Time.
  • Export to CSV has been enhanced to include the utf-8 signature in the data stream. This ensures that Microsoft Excel will understand extended symbols including multi-byte characters. You can export data as CSV file if you select Actions|Download option above any grid or data sheet view.
  • Globalization settings in web.config of generated applications are now including utf-8 file encoding attribute.
  • Data Format String is now exposed in Designer in the list of fields of a data controller.
  • Recent releases have are based on the April 2011 release of Ajax Control Toolkit. The new toolkit has broken membership functionality in ASP.NET 3.5 applications. Login / logout links were not displayed. The new releases fixes this problem.
  • Component  aquarium:DataViewLookup has been fixed and works correctly. You can use this component as a replacement for standard ASP.NET “list” controls in custom forms. The component  will render a lookup input control with all advanced features available in integrated lookups. Read about it at under section “Filtering”.

Support for capturing of extended properties in file upload / download has been postponed until 5/7/2011. The next update will also include several improvements to Data Sheet view and enhancements to time zone handling.

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