Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Custom Date Formats, Designer History

Code On Time has released another update that solves the following issues:

  • Designer got its memory back. Filters, selected record, page, and sort order are automatically restored as you navigate between configuration properties of project objects.
  • Custom date formats such as dd-MMM-yyyy and MM-yyyy, dd are now handled correctly by the client library. Standard data formats native to the selected UI culture are handled automatically and require no configuration. Custom date format parsing has been broken in the last release.
  • External filter values are now available to business rules in the native “typed” form. The previous release has been passing external values as “typed strings”.
  • Additional localized resources for no, nl, and sv cultures have been included in the code generation library.

We are working on the localization tutorial and hope to make it available in a day or two.

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