Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lookup Item Sorting, Multi-Value Filters, Login Control Localization

Several core framework fixes were released to address some urgent issues.

  • Project Wizard will enforce the port used by IIS Express to test applications to be above 1100. The port is assigned randomly. Lower range port value requires running IIS Express in administrative mode.
  • Dedicated page Login.aspx is now based on YOUR_NAMESPACE.Web.PageBase class to ensure that its content is being localized.
  • The bug that prevents selection of multi-value filters has been fixed.
  • New enhancement has been introduced to the processing of items displayed by lookups with styles Drop Down List, List Box, Radio Button List, and Check Box List based on data controllers.

    Previous implementation has sorted values by the field name specified in Data Text Field property of the lookup field. This may be undesirable if a specific order of items is required.

    Going forward the order of items will depend on the grid view of the lookup data controller. Simply set the Sort Expression of the grid view to a desired combination of fields and use asc|desc to indicate the order as you would do in a SQL statement selecting data.

We are planning to release another update shortly after the 4th of July.

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