Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enhanced Charts, Sample Databases

New release of Code On Time web app generator includes a collection of bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Chart support was enhanced to allow X axes with grouping for data fields of type Date and DateTime. For example, create an ASP.NET 4.0 project with the sample  Northwind database and activate Project Designer. Find Orders data controller on All Controllers tab and create a new view of type Chart. Configure the data fields of the chart as shown in the picture.
    Generate the sample app and activate the new view. You will see a chart of orders groups by quarter. You can now print the chart by clicking on  print icon in the pager area of the chart view.
  • It is now possible to create a database straight from the web app generator database connection configuration string.
  • Sample databases are support for MS SQL Server. For example, you can create Northwind sample with just a few clicks.

  • User interface of the Project Wizard has been changed to present Business Logic Layer, Membership and Authentication, and Features pages as tabbed views.
  • URL Hashing is the new EASE feature available in Unlimited edition. The purpose of this feature is to encrypt any hyperlinks produced by Navigate action, Hyperlink Format String, and History. URL Hashing will also ensure that any attempts to specify URL parameters other than _link or ReturnUrl  will result in Access Denied message. This allows to provide assurance that only authorized commands are passed to the application. The tutorial will be available shortly. 
  • New projects will not be trying to treat table/view names with “_” in them as the source of grouping schema. This property can be enabled on Features page if needed. Most developers will not want this feature to be enabled.
  • Repeating patterns of words in labels of the baseline app are now detected. The code generator will reduce any patters with up to four words.
  • The issue with master detail navigation and switching between grid and form views has been resolved. 
  • Multiple selection in grid views with a single primary key will affect Report and Actions items on the action bar. Only selected records are included in the output of reports and export actions if a multi-row selection is detected.
  • SQL Server’s hierarchyid and geography fields are now correctly processed. It is now possible to create an application from Adventure Works 2008 R2 without any errors.
  • The bug with "View Details" arrow in Project Designer views has been fixed.
  • Check Box List now fully supports context fields, which allows implementing cascading dependencies on many-to-many fields.
  • Memory management in the code generator has been improved to further increase the speed of code generation. The benefits will be visible in Premium and Unlimited editions on quad-core machines.
  • Hyperlink Format String with lookups is working correctly with NULL values when Relationship Explorer or URL Hashing is enabled.
  • Rendering of an automatic report from the view with multiple image fields will result in a correctly generated report.
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