Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Printing of Pictures, Upload/Download, Bug Fixes

The latest release of Code On Time  has introduced the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Only one BLOB handler is registered even if more than one reference exists in the project fields.
  • Clearing of a blob will now clear the special fields <FieldName>ContentType, <FieldName>Length, <FieldName>FileName.
  • If a picture field is defined in a grid / data sheet view then it will be fitted proportionally to the available space. If multiple picture fields are present then all columns will fit in the dimensions of the page. This applies to ASP.NET 4.0 web apps only.
  • Upload/Download mechanism has been enhanced to support externalized storage of binary content. It is now possible to declare a placeholder field in a data controller and respond to UploadFile and DownloadFile commands in business rule methods to store the binary content outside of the database.
    We are expecting to publish the second part of Upload/Download tutorial later today.
    Code On Time will be offering two standard upload modules that will store any content in the file system or in Windows Azure Storage. The goal is to offer out of the box solution that requires zero coding.
  • An enhancement has been added to the business object builder to prefix aliases in automatically produced SQL statements embedded in the data controllers to prevent naming conflicts that may occur if a table has a column with the same name. We have further refined the enhancement to narrow its impact on existing projects.
  • Logging of messages produced during code generation has been changed to further increase speed of the process.
  • The ability to customize labels has been restored. You can enter FieldName=Label Text pairs on the Business Logic Layer page under Text Label Construction section.
  • Correct filter details are presented if you apply a filter to a Boolean field.

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