Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DotNetNuke Factory, Oracle Data Provider, Wizards

Code On Time has released a new update with major features and enhancements.

Please see update notes below:

  • New code generation project DotNetNuke Factory creates application pages as controls with data views incorporated in a DotNetNuke module. Registered module can be configured by end users. You can integrate a line-of-business database application with a popular open source web content management system in minutes.
  • Added support for native Oracle.DataAccess client with full support for sequences on primary key fields. Primary key fields of integer type are expected to have sequences named after the name of the tables. For example , “CUSTOMER_SEQ” sequence is expected to match “CUSTOMER” table.
  • Projects generated from Oracle databases now recognize database views.
      Introduced "client-only" virtual Status field to support wizards. Support for new Status and None actions to allow easy implementation of Wizards. The tutorial will be available shortly.
  • Ajax Control Toolkit 50731 is now shipping with the code generation library.
  • RichEditor has been changed to support new HtmlEditorBehavior from Ajax Control Toolkit. Read more about the new rich text editor at http://stephenwalther.com/blog/archive/2011/08/01/ajax-control-toolkit-july-2011-release-and-the-new-html.aspx.
  • Action buttons displayed in forms are now automatically refreshed when data is changed.
    WhenClientScript property of actions can now reference values of fields by enclosing the field name in square brackets. For example [Status]. The same capability already exists in visibility expressions for categories and fields.
  • Numerous improvements to the message bar (yellow message at the top of the screen). It now takes up to 15% of the window height and starts scrolling when needed.
  • Sidebar boxes are fixed at the top of the screen if there in no horizontal scrolling.
  • Automatic resizing in multi-column forms is not performed anymore.
  • Adding a data field to a category will remove any bindings of the field that may exist in other categories of a view.
  • Designer automatically transfers properties of existing data fields when a field is defined in a new category or view.
  • Field validators are now using IDs to identify expressions in Project Designer.
  • Data Field visibility rules are now using IDs to identify visibility expressions in Project Designer.
  • Category visibility rules are now using IDs instead of header text as primary key. Category description is not mandatory in  the new release. Any characters can be used in the category header text.
  • Bread crumbs of many project items in Designer now include extended information.
  • Filters and sort order are restored in the grid/data sheet view if you select a record and then return back.
  • Filtering is automatically disabled on timestamp fields to prevent errors when users do Quick Find or try to apply a filter.
  • Presence of "onDemand" attribute was causing incorrect production of automatic reports. The issue has been resolved.
  • Fields with explicitly defined value/text items will correctly render on the search bar. Text of items is displayed instead of actual values.
  • If a field has explicitly defined value/text item pairs then the multiple-value filter will correctly display the values. The field will also correctly align as text (to the left) and will print in filter details.
  • Reports will print correctly item text when item value/text pairs are explicitly defined on a field level (0-Open, 1-Closed, 2-Pending). This applies only to .NET 4.0 projects.
  • Regex validators are invoked when a field value has changed.
  • Data access objects based on tables that have a primary key field name matching the table name will not result in compilation error.
  • New implementation of DataController.UserIsInRole takes an array of roles. Each value can be specified as a comma-separated list of roles or simple role name.
  • Fixed designer error "Can't execute code from a freed script".
  • Trimming of long words used in summary boxes has been improved to correctly process HTML tags, which was previously causing incorrect display of history.
  • Designer displays Up/Down options on field Items page.
  • Values of fields with "Format On Client" set to "False" will print correctly in reports.
  • Long standing problem with UTF-8 encoding not being applied generated filed has been resolved.
  • "_Mirror" fields supporting server side formatting have been improved to allow editing of field values.
  • Hidden primary keys are rendered as "hidden" inputs in insert mode.
  • Multiple value selection is passed correctly when action is executed from a modal form.
    Hidden, static, and read-only fields are now passed as "read-only" to updates performed in response to Batch Edit commands. This ensures that there will no exception "Object not found" with "audit" fields processing (ModifiedOn, ModifiedBy).
  • Generated *.designer.vb files are now using WithEvents in declarations of control fields.
  • .NET 3.5 web apps will display rounded corners in modal views.
  • Implemented Web.DataView.goBack() method in the client library to suppress cancelled requests to retrieve the child data sets when data controller URL parameters are used on complex master/detail pages.
  • Aliased fields are correctly displayed on automatic search bar if the field's Search Mode property is set to Required or Suggested.
  • Exception "Key not present in dictionary" now displays the name of the field that is no longer available in the data controller but referenced in its definition.
  • Code generator project file now supports “zip” mode when executing “copy” instruction.
  • Universal ProviderFactories variable lists all DB and Membership providers registered in machine.config of standard and 64-bit Microsoft.NET. ProviderFactories variable is now used to configure references to required external assemblies in web.config.
  • Button “Next” on the data controller summary now reads “Generate”.

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