Saturday, January 21, 2012

SharePoint Factory is Out!

Code On Time release includes new code generation project SharePoint Factory and miscellaneous product enhancements.

This release includes the following features and enhancements:

  • SharePoint Factory web application project.
  • Theme page of the project wizard now offers an index of all theme samples.
  • New themes: Mission, Laminate, Grapello, Graham, Convention, Construct, Cay, Bittersweet, Berry, Municipal.
  • DotNetNuke Factory will produced a Visual Studio 2010 project if Visual Studio 2010 is detected.
  • New "strongNameKey" code generator instruction creating a random key pair with the help of Strong Name Utility is integrated in the code generator. If the SNU is not available then the standard key is copied from the library to the output. This feature is provided to support SharePoint Factory.
  • EASE EventTracker class has been updated to ensure compatibility with Visual Basic.
  • Alias Field Name property of data fields is left blank if the Discovery Depth is set to zero.
  • Suppression of duplicate foreign keys is now performed by the code generator in all project types. Duplicate foreign keys were previously causing erroneous code generation.
  • "Project Refresh" window now offers Select All/None buttons to allow quick selection of all items.
  • Quick Find performs a case-insensitive search in projects using Oracle backend.
  • Settings "Features | Grid | Enable standard action column in all grid views" will add an action column to all views of an application.
  • Click on a "View Details" link next to a lookup field in a master view will not stop refreshing of child views when the selected master record has changed.
  • Slow running detail views will automatically cancel data requests if the master has changed. The previous implementation may have resulted in the wrong detail data displayed if the selected master record has changed before all details were retrieved.
  • It is now possible to process "Report..." actions in business rules.
  • Designer log progressing progress in now displayed in the log box of the code generator. This will be noticeable with large change longs only when the project is refreshed.
  • Batch Update in grid view will not raise an "Unauthorized command..." exception when user tries to save the changes.
  • Connection String Name defined in the data controller properties is correctly used in the generated apps. Read about implementing multi-database projects at
  • Check for updates is automatically initiated when an activation code is registered.

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