Sunday, January 8, 2012

Standard Action Column in Grid Views

Code On Time release and higher supports a new configuration option that automatically creates an action column with the standard actions Edit and Delete in all grid views of a generated web application.

Create a new Northwind sample project. Make sure to change the Features settings of the project as shown below when you step through the pages of the Project Wizard.


Generate the web application and you will notice that all grid views now feature Edit and Delete actions in the very first column.


If you select Edit action then the selected record will open editForm1 in edit mode.


Action Delete will display a prompt to delete the record.

If you have an existing application and want to incorporate an action column then either “refresh” the data controller or define a custom action group with the scope of Action Column so that it will looks as the following snapshot of the data controller in the Project Explorer. This particular screenshot represents the automatically configured action group.


Remember that you can add any number of actions including the custom ones in any action group.

Only one action group with the scope of “Action Column” is supported by the client library of your application.

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