Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Orders: Resizing Data Fields

Let’s change the length of the data field text boxes to match the expected text length. Go back to the Designer, and navigate to Order Form / c100 / dv100 / editForm1 / c1 – Orders node. Right-click the node and press Show All Data Fields.

List option in Code On Time Explorer

This will take you to the list of data fields. Mouse over the field Freight, click on the dropdown arrow, and press Edit.

Context Menu on the Freight field

Enter “5” in the Cols property, press Save to save the data field.

Changing the size of data field

Also change the following data fields:

Field Name Cols
ShipName 30
ShipAddress 30
ShipCity 30
ShipRegion 30
ShipPostalCode 30
ShipCountry 30

Column Length modified for Ship Data Fields

Press Generate, and wait for the page to load. Start editing any order, and you will see that the data fields have been resized.

Order Form with resized shipping data fields

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