Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Focus in Tabbed Forms, Modal Window Height

Code On Time update includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • If there was an exception when saving a many-to-many field then the operation is aborted and the exception is displayed to the user.
  • Client library will set focus on the first input field when users select a tab in a form view in edit mode.
  • Fixed the bug with lost focus in modal form views displayed in Internet Explorer.
  • The height of a modal from view will not exceed 80% of the browser window height.
  • Annotation plugin will correctly process the primary key fields that do not have a value in the database.
  • If the there is no designer change log and if the baseline file has not changed then the subsequent changes in Settings -> Refresh -> Generate sequence will be reflected in the generated application.

    For example, if you change the page layout in Project Settings, refresh the project without selecting controllers and generate the app then you will see the new layout in action. This sequence can be repeated multiple times with different project settings.
  • “ Bittersweet” theme is now less bitter and more sweet. On the eyes.
  • Floating row container issue has been fixed. This was causing incorrect rendering of pages in applications with right-to-left language cultures.
  • Business object builder will only consider the fields in the base table of the data controller for inclusion in the primary key.
  • The sequence of initialization of annotation plugin has been reverted to the one prior to the last update. The last update was causing problems when virtualization has been performed on a data controller with annotations.


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