Sunday, April 22, 2012

SQL Business Rules, Modal Confirmation Forms

Code On Time release introduces the following new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

  • SQL Business Rules are now supported by the application framework in Premium and Unlimited editions. SQL Business Rules can be configured in the Project Designer or added directly to the application baseline. The tutorial will be available this week. Future releases will support Email and JavaScript business rules.
  • Modal confirmation dialogs are available in Premium and Unlimited editions. Confirmation data controllers can reference the context field values as 'Context_FIELD_NAME'. Context data row field values are passed as external filters. See the example demonstrating changing of a hidden foreign key with the help of a modal confirmation.
  • Action “Confirmation” property allows referencing field name in curly brackets to include the fields values of the current row in the confirmation message text.
  • If custom processing of "Report..." action has raised an exception in the business rules then this exception will stop report rendering. Previously the exception has been ignored resulting in a confusing error message.
  • Quick Find will not cause a runtime error when users enter values that can be converted to a System.DateTime instance less than 1/1/1753 and the backend is Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Multiple selection of data rows will cause a UI refresh delayed by 1 second.
  • SQL action will cause automatic refresh of child views if the data row is not in edit/new mode.
  • Class ActionResult provides method RefreshChildren that can be used in business rules to refresh the children of the data view that has caused execution of business rules.
  • Business Rules can assign a filter and sort expression when processing actions other than Select.
  • Fixed issues with the refresh after Delete or SQL actions. The selected key was not cleared correctly in the previous releases.
  • Action SQL will replace the Selected Key if any changes to the primary key fields are detected by the client library.
  • Added SetRoles and SetWriteRoles to node set plugins.
  • New virtualization node set plugins:
    1) NodeSet() will create an empty data controller node set
    2) SetItemsStyle, SetItemsAutoSelect, and other SetItemsPROPERTY_NAME methods allow configuring various aspects of a data controller.
  • Property baseViewId will not cause the cached data controller to remain editable. This was causing the problem virtualization node sets and annotations.
  • Method BusinessRules.JavaScriptString allows converting values to valid JavaScript strings with or without single quotes surrounding the text.
  • Designer allows reordering data controller fields using the context menu and up/down arrows on the action bar.
  • Client library will divide the numeric value by 100 if the data format string of the field is set to 'p' or 'P' and the '%' sign is not entered.
  • Category “Header Text” is not mandatory anymore.
  • Command ID in views is not mandatory anymore.
  • Data controllers without a command are now allowed.
  • Left padding added to search buttons in advanced search bar.
  • Lookup window bottom border is now drawn in the newer themes.
  • Fixed the bug with Lookup Field "Activate If Blank". All lookup fields with Activate If Blank will be displayed in sequence when entering a form.

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