Friday, May 11, 2012

Grouping Data Views Under the Same Tab

It is possible to create multi-level master-detail pages in a Code On Time web application. One option is to render the master-detail data views in a flat list one under another. Another option is to group the detail data views in the same container.

In a Northwind sample with a Classic page layout, the Customers page will have the Customers master data view at the top, and three child data views in their own tabs underneath.

 Customers page layout of data views in two containers.

The child data views belong to the same container, and have tabs as activators.

Northwind web application using Classic page layout.Northwind web application using Classic page layout.

In the above layout, the Order Details tab is a child of the Customers data view. Let’s make the Order Details data view a child of Orders data view and have it displayed when Orders tab is selected.

Start the Project Designer. Double-click on Customers / container2 / view4 data view node.

Child data view selected in Code On Time Project Explorer.

Change the following properties:

Property New Value
Text Orders
Filter Source view2
Filter Field #1 OrderID
Auto Hide Self

Press OK to save the data view. On the tool bar, press Browse to generate the application.

When your default web browser opens, navigate to Customers page. You are presented with a list of Customers. Select a customer, and the Orders and Customer Demo tabs of container2 will become visible. Select an Order, and relevant Order Details will appear underneath.

Northwind web application with three-level master/detail layout arranged using tabs.Northwind web application with three-level master/detail layout arranged using tabs.

If you choose Customer Demo tab, then both Orders and Order Details data views will become hidden.

When switched to the Customer Demo tab, Orders and Order Details data views are hidden.

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