Friday, June 1, 2012

Controlling Visibility of Data Fields

Data fields can be hidden if a JavaScript expression evaluates as true.

Let’s only display the Region field in the Customers edit form when the Country of the customer is “USA”.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, navigate to Customers / container1 / view1 / editForm1 / c1 – Customers / Region data field node.

Region data field of Customers editform1 view in the Project Explorer.

Change the following property:

Property New Value
Visible When [Country] == 'USA'

Press OK to save the data field. On the toolbar, press Browse to generate the web application.

In the web browser, navigate to the Customers page. Select a customer that does not have Country of “USA”. The Region field will not be available on the form.

Customer not based in the USA does not have Region on the edit form.

Now, select a customer from USA. The Region field will be visible.

Customer based in the USA does have Region on the edit form.

Visibility of data fields can be controlled in form views only.

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