Saturday, June 30, 2012

Drag and Drop, Cut/Copy/Paste, and More…

Code On Time release includes enhancements to both code generation library and application design environment.

Generated web applications now support JavaScript Business Rules and Automatic Tracking of Selected Record. The Project Designer has been enhanced with drag & drop and cut/copy/paste  capabilities and offers “Navigate To” window that allows quickly locating project configuration elements.

The following features, enhancements, and bug fixes are included in this release:

  • Drag & drop and cut/copy/paste are support for pages, containers, data views, controls, user controls, controllers, and commands. Other project configuration elements will also be enhanced in the coming weeks.
  • The entire data controller can now be cloned.
  • Project Designer properties of menu configuration elements can be easily synchronized with Project Explorer.
  • Navigate To window allows quickly finding project configuration elements.
  • Code generator automatically combines all JavaScript files found in [Documents]\Code OnTime\Library\_Client\Scripts folder in a single _System.js file. The file is included in the generated web applications of all types.
  • Automatic Tracking of Selected Record is supported by the client library. Developers can take advantage of selected record synchronization.
  • New search option $autocompleteanywhere will cause the auto-complete to search anywhere in the field values. By default, the framework searches using "Begins With" operation, which generally performs better, but will not yield partial matches.
  • Data field property "Search Options" supports $disableautocomplete, $disablesamples, and $disablemultiplevalues options.
  • Modal form views now support dragging of the header.
  • View Details shows a modal view that will refresh the original source if changes are made.
  • "Hidden" fields will be displayed in summary if marked as "Show In Summary".
  • Master data sheet views automatically set focus on the first cell of the first row.
  • "Flat" actions will display the action description as a tooltip.
  • Implemented a fix for Import Processor to ensure that field values that are missing in import file are created to simulate as if the values were entered in the user interface form. Previous implementation has passed the non-blank values only. This makes it possible to implement UPSERT when importing data records.
  • Code On Time will now pre-process the designer logs before navigating to the data controller summary.
  • Localizer now takes into account the name of the module/webpart when caching the resource strings.
  • Project Explorer tab now feature "Home" button that shows List of Pages, List of Controllers, or List of User Controls.
  • The issue with the left border in AjaxControlToolkit tabs is fixed in all themes.
  • Sorting on fields with Format On Client = false will not cause a runtime exception.
  • Method Controller.UserInInRole is now creating an instance of ControllerUtility class to verify the user identity. This allows implementing custom role validation against SharePoint or DotNetNuke user groups.
  • ControllerDataSource will correctly perform Update/Insert/Delete operations when C#/VB business rules are associated with the data controller.
  • Component ControllerDataSource will use "=" filter operation if FilterParameter instance has its DBType property set to any value other than Object or String.
  • Aggregate fields are correctly formatted on the server when "Format On Client" property of a data field is set to "false".
  • It is possible to specify "about:blank" as the URL of top level pages without breaking the rendering of Advanced Menus.
  • Context Field Filters now support static filters in the both formats:
    FieldName = 12345 and FieldName='12345'
  • Decimal parameters are automatically initialized as Decimal(38,10) in SQL Business Rules and SQL action.

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