Monday, July 9, 2012

"Code” and “JavaScript” Business Rules, Inclusion and Exclusion of Pages From Menu

Code On Time release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Developers can use designer to create “Code” business rules implemented in C#/Visual Basic. The application generator will create a file with the business rule implementation. The file will not be overwritten by subsequent code generation sessions. New application framework class RuleAttribute links the business rule to the code.
    'Code' Business Rules are now automatically generated in all projects types and all product editions
  • Sophisticated JavaScript Business Rules can now be used to implement complex validation and just-in-time correction of user input.
  • Project Explorer offers a new context menu option “Exclude From Menu” to hide the page from the navigation menu.
  • Project Explorer offers a new context menu option “Include in Menu” to show the page in
    the navigation menu.
  • New "View in Browser" action is available in Project Explorer in the context menu of pages.
  • Mandatory "radio button list" will require user to make a selection of an option when inserting or editing a record.
  • Read-Only fields are passed to the business rules when actions are executed in the views with the type other than the "form" view.
  • Virtualization node set now features IsEmpty property. The property value is 'true' if the node set is empty.
  • The chained calls to CreateAction will correctly create multiple actions.
  • Clicking on the "View Details" arrow icon in the lookup window will not close the lookup window.
  • Property AutoSelect when set to "true" for a lookup field will automatically activate the lookup on data entry if the field is blank.
  • Enhancements to the "focus" processing with business rules in form views.
  • Command Text is correctly saved in Designer.
  • The client library will validate argument values before executing Report action. This will ensure that "read-only" values passed as arguments of business rule methods.
  • DotNetNuke Factory uses cases-insensitive filter when publishing deployment files.
  • Property AquarimExtenderBase.ServicePath is now virtual. Class DataViewExtender is declared as "partial", which allows global overriding of the application service path.
  • "Confirmation" controllers are working correctly again. 
  • New page name entered in a camel notation will result in "pretty" path and title.
  • "Generate" and "Browse" actions will not crash if IIS Express is not install.
  • Browsing a page with a non-blank "External Url" property will open the default page of the app instead of trying to open a non-existing page with the name of the page node.
  • The issues with Auto Complete Anywhere is resolved.
  • The Generate/Browse bug in Designer when a node is not selected is fixed.

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