Thursday, July 5, 2012

Working with Containers in the Project Designer

Containers define the layout of the page. Each container may start a new row or new column. The content of containers is rendered in the order of their appearance on the page. Containers host instances of data controllers (data views) and custom user controls (controls).

A list of containers can be viewed on the Containers tab of a page.

List of containers for Customers page.

In the Project Explorer, the context menu option Show All Containers allows browsing the list of page containers.

Show All Containers context menu option for page node in Project Explorer.

The context menu option List allows viewing all containers of a page.

List context menu option for container node in Project Explorer.

A container can be located by entering the Id of the container and the name of the page in the configuration navigator.

A container located in the configuration navigator.

In the list of containers, directly clicking on the Id of the container or using context menu option Open will navigate to the container property page.

Open context menu option for 'container1' in list of containers.     Edit Form of container in Project Browser.

The Sync context menu option will select the container in the Project Explorer.

Sync context menu option for container1 in list of containers of Project Browser.      Container1 synched in Project Explorer.

The Sync action on the action bar in the property page will select the container in the Project Explorer.

Sync action on the action bar in the Project Browser.

The container Id can be changed using the Rename context menu option.

Rename context menu option for container1 in the Project Explorer.

Containers can be rearranged by dragging container nodes in the Project Explorer.

Dropping container1 on the right side of container2 in the Project Explorer.      Container1 placed after container2 in the Project Explorer.

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