Monday, August 13, 2012

Working with Items in Designer

Items represent alternative display values of a field.

Items can be found on the Items tab of a field properties page.

Items tab in the Field page of the web application designer.

A new item can be created using New | New Item action bar option.

New Item action bar option on the Items tab.

Items can be edited by clicking on the Value link or using the context menu option Open.

Open context menu option for an item.

The Sync context menu option will select the relevant Item node in the Project Explorer.

Sync context menu option in the Project Browser.     The relevant item node has been selected in the Project Explorer.

The Value can be changed using Rename context menu option in Project Explorer.

Rename context menu option for item will edit the Value property.

Items can be reordered using drag and drop commands.

Dropping an item on the right side of another item.     The item has been placed after the target drop location.

Items are removed using Delete option.

Delete context menu option for items.

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