Saturday, November 3, 2012

Order Form Sample–Part 26

Let’s rearrange the Order Form page to make it easier for the end user to interact with the data. To do this, we will need to add a custom “Order Form Template” user control to the page.

In the Designer, right-click on OrderForm / c100 node, and press New Control.

'New Control' option in Code On Time Project Explorer

The new control requires you to select a user control. Click on the New User Control icon to the right of the field.

'New User Control' button on the 'New Control' page

Give this user control a name:

Property Value
Name OrderFormTemplate

Press OK to create the User Control. You will return to the New Control page. Leave the rest of the settings as default, and press OK to insert the control into the page container Order Form / c100.

Control added to the Order Form page.

Press Browse on the toolbar to regenerate the application.

The new user control will be generated if it doesn’t exist. If the generator detects that the file exists, then it will not be overwritten – any changes to the file will be preserved between code generation sessions.

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