Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roadmap 2013

Code On Time web app generator has introduced impressive capabilities for rapid application development over the last year.

We will continue introducing new easy-to-use features in the design environment and application framework.

The features will be delivered in three phases followed by an introduction of a new product,

Phase I

  • Second Generation Data Sheet view with support for hierarchies, horizontal and vertical scrolling, column resizing, reordering and freezing is the industry’s first web grid that rivals features and performance of desktop implementations.
  • Tools for Excel is a new design tool providing an alternative application development environment integrated in Microsoft Excel. Both beginners and power users will benefit from the ability to perform massive rapid changes to the project configuration elements.
  • Mobile Client Library will enable creating a single web app that adapts its presentation on mobile and desktop devices. Existing web apps created with Unlimited edition of Code On Time will automatically take advantage of the new client library. Developers will have an option to introduce desktop-only and mobile-only pages.
  • Multi-User Support in Designer will enable automated merging of designer transaction logs from multiple users.

These features will begin rolling out starting in February of 2013.

Phase II

  • Support for ASP.NET 4.5 will be introduced in the application framework.
  • DotNetNuke Factory will be updated to support DNN 7.
  • BLOB Adapters will enable code-free configuration of binary content processing with externalized storage in the file system with optional image preprocessing. Windows Azure Storage will also be supported as a replacement for the file system.
  • Native Import processor will handle uploaded files in CSV format without the need for Microsoft Access Database Engine to be deployed to the server.

Phase III

  • Map View is a new view type that will enable presentation of data on Google Maps and Bing Maps.
  • Enhanced Lookup Styles will enable “basket” presentation of many-to-many fields with extended item selectors.
  • List View is a new view type that will enable presentation of multi-column lists of data items.
  • Calendar View is a new view type that will enable presentation of data as a generic calendar with drag and drop support.

Cloud On Time

Adding a few extra ingredients to a live web app created with Code On Time can turn an application into a full-fledged Software-as-a-Service solution.

For the past year we have been developing enterprise-level tools to enable code-free implementation of Dynamic Access Control Rules and data controller Virtualization Rules. Both tools require additional tables to be included in the application database.  New view types finally allow us to create high quality administrative user interface for these tools.

One of the required ingredients of a SaaS solution is a content management system. A built-in CMS allows creating and managing virtual pages that can be stored alongside the Virtualization Rules.

Another ingredient is an online data controller designer. Such tool can be used to alter application data controllers at runtime and allow creating new ones. Our experience in developing the Project Designer built into the application generator shows that it can be accomplished with relative ease following the same model.

Combine all four ingredients together (Dynamic Access Control Rules, Virtualization Rules, Content Management System, and Online Data Controller Designer) in an Azure Factory project, and you will have an Online Application Builder hosted in Windows Azure Cloud.

How would one program a hosted web app with the Online Application Builder? Every app will be provided with a private Windows Azure SQL Database. SQL business rules and JavaScript business rules will be the two available programming facilities that will require no changes to the core application. The core application will have an embedded RESTful Application Server component to enable complex one-of-a-kind user interface development when needed.

Management tools for Dynamic Access Control Rules, Virtualization Rules, and Content Management System will be incorporated into the core application framework and become available to Code On Time developers shortly before Cloud On Time goes live.

It will be possible to export a hosted Cloud On Time web app to a private Cloud Factory project that will be supported in Code On Time web application generator.

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