Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Hot Fixes

Code On Time releases introduces the following features and hot fixes:

  • Learn about new synchronization service and how to share Project Designer changes with other developers involved in your project. Use Team Foundation Service to implement version control of application source code.
  • SharePoint Factory apps will not raise exceptions when a Web Part is inserted in a live page of a SharePoint site.
  • New property Access allows the data controller views to be exposed on public pages. The default value of the property is “Private”. Anonymous users are not authorized to see data views placed by developers on publicly available application pages. Set "Access" property to "Public" to allow anonymous users to interact with the view.
  • Rich text input mode of data fields will not cause an exception in a mobile client.
  • Synchronized Project Designer change logs of legacy applications will be correctly merged after automatic refresh.
  • Property ApplicationServices.Version correctly treats application version as a string. The previous implementation may have resulted in a compilation error when generated on computers with some European locales.
  • Permalinks will not cause exceptions in the Mobile Client.

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