Sunday, October 20, 2013

Overview of Application Lifecycle Management

It is a common practice to place the application source code under the control of an ALM (application lifecycle management) system.

Web apps with Universal Mobile/Desktop Client created with Code On Time are standard ASP.NET applications. The entire source code is included in each project. There are no black-box DLLs or hidden runtimes.

It is easy to place a web application created with Code On Time under source control of an ALM.

Application generator maintains XML log files to track revisions of the project design alongside the source code of an app. This allows working on the app in a disconnected mode. It also makes it easy to merge changes from multiple developers.

The designer log changes are incremental. If two developers have changed the application design, then the XML log files must be merged, followed by a Refresh of the application design.  

Code On Time offers a free cloud synchronization service that enables automatic exchange of designer changes between team members. The project synchronization software is also available for purchase for in-house hosting.

Microsoft Team Foundation Service (TFS) is a popular ALM system. It is easy to place a Code On Time app under source control with TFS.

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