Sunday, July 13, 2014

Changing the Transition in Touch UI

By default, Touch UI will use “Slide” transition when moving between pages. This transition will slide the new page from the right while the old page will slide out to the left. An example can be seen below.

Slide transition on an iPhone using Code On Time's Touch UI.

The default transition can be changed by the user through the Settings panel.

In the top-right corner of the page, click on the context menu button.

Clicking on the context menu button.

Then, click on the Settings button.

Clicking on the settings button in context panel.

Click on the Transitions butt0n to see a list of available transitions.

Changing the default Transition of the Code On Time web app.

Select a new transition.

Selecting the "Turn" transition.

Close the panel, and click on a record to see your new transition.

Turn transition on an iPhone using Code On Time's Touch UI.

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